Computer Lessons

Sometimes you need a little bit more than just computer questions and answers, what you really need to help you with your computer is a good set of lessons.

With that in mind, I have collected some of my most popular lessons, and put them here for you to go through at your leisure

Windows 7 Lessons

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Windows Vista Lessons

Internet Lessons

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Just wanted to let you know that I am a teacher who is going for my Master's in Educational Technology and every issue I find some little hint (and sometimes some big hint!) that I can pass along to students and staff members alike.
Thanks for the photo of yourself. You have a happy face and a twinkle in your eye - I like that in a computer guru! Keep up the good work. You seem to cover something for everyone from the novice to the more experienced. Thanks for your hard work.
I look forward to reading your newsletters. You've answerd many questions I didn't know I had. Thank you so much for all your tips and teachings.