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Trying To Find Safari on my Tablet

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a Motorola Droid Tablet. I read how to clean it up. I went under my settings button, also under the Google settings. I do not find safari under either one. Help!!!!!

You will be talking to some one who is computer, tablet and cell phone dumb.

Thank you for your help. Gwendolyn Read More…

How To Update Chrome

Dear Computer Lady,

I have had a message on my laptop saying the administrator has disabled the update for Chrome.

Since I am the administrator I would like to enable the updates. Looking at Forum entries has been very disheartening as there are so many having similar problems and the advice is just too techno for this (very) senior lady.

Can you make some suggestions please?

Thanks a lot, Aussie Rose Read More…

How To Backup To External Hard Drive

Dear computer lady,

I bought an external hard drive and don’t understand how to back up my computer.

Do I just plug it into a usb and it starts backing everything up or do I have to do something else?

Thank you, Yvonne Read More…

How To Organize Playlists

Dear Computer Lady,

I have Win7 on my PC. Is there a way to manually organize files the way I want them instead of alphabetically?

I have several MP3 playlists that I want to organize in the order I want to hear them. I can do that in iTunes but when I copy those lists to my PC in order to download them to something like my GPS on my motorcycle, they are listed alphabetically.

Thank you, Davida Read More…

How To Update Java

Hi Elizabeth,

I have a question about Java. I used to go to the site titled Idiot’s Delight to find my favorite versions of Lucas Solitaire. However, I purchased a new computer and now I can no longer play the game. I need to download the updated version of Java to be able to continue playing the game or games from this site.

I would really appreciate it if you could give me simple direction on how to do this so I don’t gunk up my computer. I just finished downloading an update of Acrobat Reader from this week’s Ask the Computer Lady news letter. Love your directions. They fit my technically disadvantaged computer skills to a T. I have been following you for years and tell all my friends about your newsletter.

Take Care and Happy Trails, Katherine in Waco Read More…

Setting Up Folders in Email

Dear Computer Lady,

I have windows seven and it has windows live mail for my email service. I cannot set up individual folders for my regular emails, recipes, news article, pantry.The computer lady. Etc. Etc.

Thank you for all your tips and help.
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PDF Documents Are Blank

Dear Computer Lady,

When people send me PDF files, sometimes when I try to open them, they are blank. I know that the person who sent it to me can view the contents, why can’t I?

Esther Read More…

How To Post A Photo on Facebook

Dear Computer Lady,

Do you have directions on how to put a photo on Facebook?

Thanks, Dorothy
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Need A Print Shop Program

Dear Computer Lady,

I am needing a print shop program, not much but just little projects.

Any suggestions of economical one or a free one?

Thanks, Steve Read More…

Storing Used Inkjet Cartridges

Dear Computer Lady,

I want to know how to preserve my cartridges if I leave for six months from my desert home.

Thanks, Dee Read More…