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Hi! My Name is Elizabeth Boston AKA The Computer Lady. I want to welcome you to my little place on the web. Come on in and look around for a while. If you have time, brew yourself a cup of tea (my favorite drink) and browse my computer questions and answers. I know you will want to come back to check out my tips and tutorials, so be sure to bookmark this site for future reference!

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Has My Hard Drive Failed?

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a 4 year old quad core desktop running Win 7 Ultimate. All of a sudden my hard drive made noises and turned itself off.

I ran Spinrite for 3 days and it seemed to “cure” the problem. However, the PC shut down after a couple of hours of normal use.

How can I tell if my hard drive has failed and I definitely need a new one?

Thanks, Martin Read More…

Best Program For A List

Dear Computer Lady,

My prayer group meets weekly and prays for many people.
We keep a list by category, say those with cancer, with heart problems etc.

Could you recommend a good way to keep these lists of names on my computer by category so that I could add or delete names and then print these new lists? I’m not sure what type of program would do this kind of thing. I have a HP computer with Windows 7. I use spreadsheets but don’t know much about word processing.

Thank you for any help, Helen Read More…

Internet Explorer Missing Toolbars

Dear Computer Lady,

Somehow, either in the process of installing Internet Explorer 10 or after, I have lost all my tool bars?

I mean ALL the tool bars like the file. print etc. plus the useful web pages I use.

What happened and how do I get them back?

You really do quite a service with your Computer Lady.

Thanks, Les Read More…

Advanced Tech Support Scam

Dear Computer Lady,

We bought a Windows 7 Dell computer last November and had techs set it up. So we thought we had Panda Anti-virus. Then when it ran out we bought Panda Anti-virus 2014 and we could not install it. So we called the Panda Company and according to their tech, we found out that our computer was in terrible shape (55,000 errors and the reason might have been that when we bought the computer it had Norton and then our “geeks” installed Panda and the tech said neither could function well- is that true?). So they said they had a partnership with Advanced Tech Support and I turned over the computer to them and for $250 they fixed everything. However I was told to call a number and the gal said we needed Malware protection which started at $500 until I yelled and came down to another $250. We have no idea if that is really necessary for two old people who only use online for email and to surf the net (also buying).

Thank you for your wonderful column and help.

Sincerely, Carol Read More…

Cleaning Your Computer

Dear Computer Lady,

My Windows Vista goes to sleep everytime I dust the key board off. I try to avoid the sleep key (it has a moon on the button) but it’s very sensitive.

I always have to shut down the computer completely and turn it back on to WAKE it up.

What can I do to wake the computer up?

Thank you, Mary Read More…