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Hi! My Name is Elizabeth Boston AKA The Computer Lady. I want to welcome you to my little place on the web. Come on in and look around for a while. If you have time, brew yourself a cup of tea (my favorite drink) and browse my computer questions and answers. I know you will want to come back to check out my tips and tutorials, so be sure to bookmark this site for future reference!

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Where to Find Malwarebytes

Dear Computer Lady,

My computer was compromised, and somewhere in the fix, I lost my Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware program. I had it for years, installed by the place that fixed my PC years ago.

I download the free version, that I found in the search engine, but it only lasted about 30 days, and it wants me to purchase the 1 year one for $30.00. Can you help me with this, or is there something else you would suggest?

Thank you, John Read More…

Spark Trust?

Dear Computer Lady,

I read your column every week!

I was on your website today and opened the Spark Trust link because my wife’s laptop has become very slow. It scanned her computer and listed hundreds of problems! I expected malware but that was the only item that was clear.

Before paying to have them removed I looked for reviews of Spark Trust Registry Cleaner on the web. They were not too complimentary (some call the company a scam) and other programs were recommended like Speedy PC Pro.

Do you recommend Spark Trust?

Thanks, Richard
Read More…

Is Malwarebytes Needed?

Dear Computer Lady,

I did a clean install of Windows, and everything seems ok again. I turned on Windows Defender.

I have been advised to install Malwarebytes as well. What is your opinion on what is needed with Windows Defender?

Thanks again, Brenda Read More…

The System Cannot Find the File Specified

Dear Computer Lady,

Can you, please, tell me how to get rid of the following Error Message ? I was not even LOOKING for any file !!

The message comes up every time I turn on my computer. (using XP, 32 bit, plenty of disk space..)

The System Cannot Find The File Specified

I googled the problem, and there are only a million of other folks who have this identical problem but, as usual, no solution was given……

Thanks very much for any help !

Madison Read More…

Read Only Files

Dear Elizabeth,

I write children’s books so often have a large amount of text that I save and return to when I add to or change the story. Occasionally I find the file has been saved as Read Only and I can’t do anything with it, except make a copy with a new title – e.g.Whatever Mk2. Can you explain why this happens? I am not aware of doing anything to tell my laptop to save as Read Only. Is there any way of undoing the command? I have Windows 7. It doesn’t happen very often but is very irritating. In the past I have lost a whole day’s work by not spotting the problem in time.

I would also like to say a sincere thank you for all the tips and good advice you have shared with us over the years.

Margaret (New Zealand) Read More…