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Hi! My Name is Elizabeth Boston AKA The Computer Lady. I want to welcome you to my little place on the web. Come on in and look around for a while. If you have time, brew yourself a cup of tea (my favorite drink) and browse my computer questions and answers. I know you will want to come back to check out my tips and tutorials, so be sure to bookmark this site for future reference!

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The System Cannot Find the File Specified

Dear Computer Lady,

Can you, please, tell me how to get rid of the following Error Message ? I was not even LOOKING for any file !!

The message comes up every time I turn on my computer. (using XP, 32 bit, plenty of disk space..)

The System Cannot Find The File Specified

I googled the problem, and there are only a million of other folks who have this identical problem but, as usual, no solution was given……

Thanks very much for any help !

Madison Read More…

Read Only Files

Dear Elizabeth,

I write children’s books so often have a large amount of text that I save and return to when I add to or change the story. Occasionally I find the file has been saved as Read Only and I can’t do anything with it, except make a copy with a new title – e.g.Whatever Mk2. Can you explain why this happens? I am not aware of doing anything to tell my laptop to save as Read Only. Is there any way of undoing the command? I have Windows 7. It doesn’t happen very often but is very irritating. In the past I have lost a whole day’s work by not spotting the problem in time.

I would also like to say a sincere thank you for all the tips and good advice you have shared with us over the years.

Margaret (New Zealand) Read More…

How To Pick A UPS

Dear Computer Lady,

What type of UPS will I need to buy if I have 6 desktop PCs that need to run even just for 5 minutes?

Thanks, Minoz Read More…

Is It Safe to Use Older Office Programs?

Dear Computer Lady,

Thank you for being such a Godsend over the years. You have helped me so much.

My grandson-in-law recently replaced my computer with XP operating system to one with Windows 7 Home Premium. He downloaded Open Office on it.

I had lots of Excel files on my old computer. He showed me how to save items in the Open Office spreadsheet program in Excel format, but it is still not 100% compatible; some of the info in the cells which was formatted to wrap is not spaced correctly in the spreadsheet program.

A friend of mine uninstalled Open Office and used my original discs from my old computer to install Microsoft Word 2003 and Excel on the Windows 7 operating system so that I could proceed with work that had to be done.

Since support has ended for XP and Office 2003, am I any better off at this point than I was with my old computer. I am so frustrated – I hope you can advise me.

Thanks so much, Jean
Read More…

Word Requesting Activation Code

Dear Computer Lady,

I bought a new computer that had a trial version of the latest MS Word.

After the trial period, I decided I preferred Word 7, I uninstalled the latest version of Word, then installed Word 7 which didn’t require an Activation Code. I’ve done this before when I upgraded my computers.

Now when I try to save a document in Word 7, I get a message asking for an Activation Code.

Is there any way around this? Thanks, Ed Read More…