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How To Change Default Word Template

Dear Computer Lady, Thank YOU for all your helpful advice. I referred others to you. How can I change the default settings of Microsoft Word such as line spacing and space after paragraph so that when I open a document it is already set to my personal style? Thanks, Anne


How To Fix Word Template in Office 2010

Dear Computer Lady, Somehow I’ve lost my normal template for Microsoft Word 2010. I’m stymied after reading as much as I can on Word’s help files. None have told me how to find where the up-to-date version is. I can see the old normal file when I try to open a new document, but the […]


Word Document Too Small

Dear Computer Lady, I was typing in Word 2010 and all of a sudden the size of the document got very small and the size of the text became so small I can’t read it at all. This is just a starter version of Word 2010 that came with my new laptop. Thanks so much […]


Searching in Word

Dear Computer Lady, I need to go through a 6000 page CD for certain information. Is there a program or ability in Word for me to highlight and “go to” any portion of the document containing one of three names. Thank you in advance, Vicky