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Transferring Files From XP to 7

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a Windows XP system and would like to transfer all of my files to my new Windows 7 system.

Is there any easy way of doing this?

Thank you for any assistance you can give, Dewberry Read More…

User Profile Service Failed The Logon

Dear Computer Lady,

When trying to logon I get this message “user profile service failed the logon. user profile cannot be loaded.

I have been using the same password and have not forgotten it just used it yesterday. I am the only one that uses this computer.

Can you please help me.

Thank you, Janice Read More…

Replacement For MS Works

Dear Computer Lady,

I’ve enjoyed your column for a few years — useful answers without tech mumbo-jumbo. Now I have a question.

I’ve used MicroSoft Works a lot because it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles the other Office type
suites have, but now Windows no longer includes Works.

Can you suggest any other similar program?

Thanks, Chas Read More…

Facebook Activity Log

Dear Computer Lady,

How do you remove (get rid of) the activity log on Facebook?

I enjoy playing GSN slot games often and was shocked to see it being tracked on my Facebook activity.

I am fairly new to Facebook and do not appreciate this activity showing on Facebook for everyone to see.

Thank you for your response, Sar Read More…

MS Paint Problems

Dear Computer Lady,

I am having problems with the paint program that is included with windows 8.1. Whenever I try to edit a picture pixel by pixel I get an error that says “there is not enough memory to continue. Try closing some other programs and try again.”

There are no other programs running but the paint program keeps freezing. I have noticed that the paint program in Windows XP only allowed users to undo up to five previous changes and the new paint program allows you to undo 50 or more changes. I feel like the software is using tons of memory to remember this many changes and is the cause of the problem. I currently have 16 gigabytes of ram in my new hp Pavilion computer. My old hp computer only had 4 gigabytes of ram and never froze up. I have been in touch with Microsoft and they said there is something wrong with my computer. I have tried to do the same editing on 3 other hp computers and a dell computer and they all freeze up the same way. All of the other computers are also running windows 8.1. I really want to continue to use paint to make these changes to my pictures because the software is so easy to use. How do you go about convincing a company like Microsoft that they actually messed up a good running software program and to change it back the way it was?

Thank you, David Read More…

Transferring Files to Windows 8

Dear Elizabeth,

I am using Vista Operating System and have saved all my files under that system.

I am thinking of buying a new computer.

Can I transfer and run my files using Windows 8 which I will be purchasing?

Thanks for your assistance, Mary Lee Read More…

Program For Writing Letters

Dear Computer Lady,

One thing I don’t like about windows 8.

It does NOT have the program for writing letters and etc. Was it the Word Perfect program… I have forgotten in my old age. I am almost 79 now… ouch.

Thanks again for your helpful newsletter,
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System Restore in Windows 7

Dear Computer Lady,

Myself and two of my friends have windows 7 and none of us can use stem restore successfully. We never had a problem when we had XP.
Thanks for your input, Barbara
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Where to Find Malwarebytes

Dear Computer Lady,

My computer was compromised, and somewhere in the fix, I lost my Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware program. I had it for years, installed by the place that fixed my PC years ago.

I download the free version, that I found in the search engine, but it only lasted about 30 days, and it wants me to purchase the 1 year one for $30.00. Can you help me with this, or is there something else you would suggest?

Thank you, John Read More…

Spark Trust?

Dear Computer Lady,

I read your column every week!

I was on your website today and opened the Spark Trust link because my wife’s laptop has become very slow. It scanned her computer and listed hundreds of problems! I expected malware but that was the only item that was clear.

Before paying to have them removed I looked for reviews of Spark Trust Registry Cleaner on the web. They were not too complimentary (some call the company a scam) and other programs were recommended like Speedy PC Pro.

Do you recommend Spark Trust?

Thanks, Richard
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