Visible Keyboard Keys

Dear Computer Lady,

What is the best color keyboard to use if I am having a difficult time seeing the letters on the keys?

Right now, I have a black keyboard with grey letters, and I need to turn on a bright light in order to be able to see the letters.

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More PDF Options

Dear Computer Lady,

I have Word 2003 and Vista.. I saw your recent answer about converting a Word document to PDF using Word 2013 and wonder if there is a way to for me to do so.

I googled that question and found numerous “free” programs that claim that capability. However I am aware of the dangers of “free” programs.

Do you have any suggestions? I am a secretary of a owner managed condo association and would like to send our association correspondence using PDF but I can’t afford the cost of Adobe.

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Windows 8 Shutdown Shortcut

Dear Computer Lady,

One of the things that I don’t like about my new Windows 8 computer is that there are so many steps to shut down or even restart the computer.

Is there any way I can put a shortcut to shut down the computer on my desktop?

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Disable Lock Screen in Windows 8

Dear Computer Lady,

Every time I sit down at my Windows 8 computer, a screen comes up with a picture, the time and date displayed. I have to click on the picture in order to start using my computer.

I don’t need to know the date and time, and I don’t want the extra step of clicking on the picture before I can start using the computer.

Is there any way to skip this step?

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How To Create Outlook Contact Group

Dear Computer Lady,

I have Microsoft Office Outlook for my email.

When I send an email to a group of friends, I have to select each person one at a time. Is there a way to save that group of friends so I can send emails to them more quickly?

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How To Create PDF from Word Document

Dear Computer Lady,

How do I convert a Word document to a PDF? I need to send documents to my clients that can be easily opened.

I am using Microsoft Word 2013

Thanks, Doug
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Can I Install Windows 8 On Another Computer?

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a Windows 7 home premium laptop and I gave it a check to see if it’s compatible with windows 8 and it is .

I have a Windows 8 desktop as well .

Can I burn on a dvd the windows 8 and use it on my laptop to upgrade so I don’t have to spend over 100.00 on a windows 8 dvd ?

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Computer Locks Up

Dear Computer Lady,

This problem seems to happen randomly, but always after using the computer for at least an hour or more. Suddenly, the program I’m using locks up. When I try to close it, nothing happens. When I click on another open tab, it opens with a completely black screen, but still showing the tool bars. I’ve tried closing all programs using task manager, but when AI try to open a program, I again get the black screen. The only way to get rid of it is to restart the computer. I’ve checked Google for a solution but nothing I’ve found works.

This began about a month ago. My computer is only a year old Lenovo desktop.

Can you help? Carole Read More…

Saving Photos in Order

Dear Computer Lady,

I was saving photos on a USB drive that needed to be in order. They remained in order as long as I was dragging and dropping from another folder.

Then I found a photo I wanted to add and instead of saving to the file I was dragging from I saved directly to the USB drive. At that point all the photos where no longer in order.

Is it because I saved directly to the USB drive? Or does the PC actually just randomly change the way you had been saving the files for no reason?

Please if you can answer this it would be greatly appreciated.

Cynthia Read More…

Yahoo Password Change

Dear Computer Lady,

At 1:30 a.m. my iPhone notified me of a text message. It said: “Your Yahoo password change verification code 84853 for XXXXXXX. More info at” There was a second message that said: “Your Yahoo password change verification code: 67489 for XXXXXXX. More info at”

I had been sound asleep–not changing my password. I did NOT click on the link to on the iPHone. Using my web browser on the computer, does not exist, just as I suspected.. Just to be on the safe side, I went into Yahoo and did a legitimate password change from my account settings.

What was going on here??

I do have my cell phone number in my account settings for password change notifications.

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