E-mail Program For Windows 8.1

Dear Computer Lady

I am in need of an email program that is compatible with windows 8.1

I am using eM Client but it will not download my default mail.

Is there any other free email programs that will work with 8.1?

Thanks for all the great newsletters! Dean
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Office 2010 and Windows 7?

Dear Computer Lady,

Can you tell me if Microsoft Home and Office 2010 is compatible with Windows 7?

Louise Read More…

Keyboard Can’t Keep Up

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a Toshiba laptop and lately when I type it misses letters, stops typing, etc.

I replaced my keyboard but it didn’t help. Have you got any more things I might do? Hoping for a good answer.

Thank you very much! Georgia Read More…

Send Button is Missing in Thunderbird

Dear Computer Lady,

When I want to send an email in Mozilla Thunderbird, I can’t send it because the, “Send” button has disappeared.

Can you help me get it back?

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How To Download and Store Video

Dear Computer Lady,

I wish to download and store video tutorials from youtube and others.

How can I do this??

Please try to help me out, Robert Read More…

Safe to Delete Files on D:?

Dear Computer Lady,

Is it safe or feasible, to delete the D files after being copied onto a disk?

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Burn Playlist to CD in iTunes

Dear Computer Lady,

I used to be able to burn CDs using iTunes.

However, I updated my iTunes awhile back and now whenever I try to burn a disc, I get a message telling me that if I want to burn items on the disc, to select the playlist that contains the items and then choose File > Burn Playlist to Disc.

The only problem is, on the new iTunes program there is no “File” option. At least not that I can see.

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IE Toolbars in Windows 8

Dear Computer Lady,

Can you give me some keyboard shortcuts for internet explorer on windows 8? I am having a bad time trying to maneuver around when I am on IE.

I’ve had Windows XP and my laptop has Windows 7 and I can see the menu and address bars but on Windows 8, I can’t view these, especially the menu and toolbars.

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Updating Adobe & Java

Dear Computer Lady,

I really enjoy this column, but the advice to the woman regarding updating Flash Player needed to emphasize that she needs to go to the Adobe site. Recently I clicked on the helpful prompt to update Flash Player and I ended up with a series of malware downloads that I am still fighting. That may be what happened to her. I’m not usually that stupid (though I’ve done dumber things) but the fake upgrade notice seems to be very popular right now.

By the way, it does me no good to suggest I leave comments on your site because I don’t belong to WordPress. I’m a little cranky about being told I have to join something like Facebook or WordPress or Google in order to leave a response. I guess that’s just me.

Anyway, congratulations on your long marriage and I do love your newsletter.

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How To Change My Gmail Password

Dear Computer Lady,

I have heard that I should change my email password from time to time. Since I have Gmail, I was wondering, How do I change my Gmail password?

Thanks, Kathleen
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