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Outlook Express for Windows 8?

Dear Computer Lady,

I need automatic save of email addresses when I send to someone or just want to add a sender to my Windows 8.1 system. Can you help?

Is there a way to download an Outlook Express clone for 8.1? Outlook 2013 is a dog by comparison.

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How To Identify Scammers

Dear Computer Lady,

Was hoping for your help on this problem. A few days ago I rec’d a call from someone with a foreign accent, claiming to be from “Windows,” telling me, in broken English, that my Windows was “corrupt!” Having just read a warning about scammers who use this same tactic, I thanked him for calling, told him I was not having a problem and just hung up, before he continued. I immediately checked my laptop and it seemed to be running just fine. I have anti-virus, anti-malware & anti-spyware running on that laptop, with no notifications from any of them pending. After the 6th call that same day, from what seemed like the same man, I blew my top, told him that we were on a “national do not call list” and if he continued to bother me, I would do what I could to see him prosecuted. He then assured me he would not call again. Skip 3 days later… My laptop will not let me advance beyond the initial sign in page (where you enter your password). Upon hitting “enter” (after filling in my password), the screen goes a medium bluish color and just sits and spins (as if it’s trying to spin up Windows but it’s so corrupt it cannot find the right path). So, now my laptop sits in a repair shop, waiting to see if it only needs a clean install of Windows or… Even more. Long story short… How do we tell the scammers (who are just trying to access our private info) from the real deal when they call? All of them sound sooooo convincing that it’s hard for us old newbies to be sure. Please help. And, many
thanks for all that you do to help all of us. Old dogs can learn new tricks, but we just can’t jump as high or run as fast. :)
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How To Save Outlook Data File

Dear Computer Lady,

My Dell Inspiron desktop computer is 6 years old and came with Vista. Now Vista is on the way out. I have saved a lot of family pictures, genealogy and other “important stuff” on Outlook Mail. I was assured by a friend that a technician can transfer everything to a new computer.

I would like to save ALL the things on Outlook 2007 to my WD 1.5T remote hard drive.

I wonder if Is it possible for me to save this to my remote hard drive, just so I don’t lose it all…just in case. If so, how computer savvy must one be?

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Best Driver Update To Use

Dear Computer Lady,

Thanks for all your good education work. It is a great help for seniors like me.

Which is the best driver update to use?

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How To Get Bing Off My Laptop

Dear Computer Lady,

Can you please help me get Bing completely off my laptop?

It is very annoying and seems to take control of my computer.

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How To Clean Up My Computer

Dear Computer Lady,

What’s the best way to clean up my computer.. old files.. old downloads.. etc..??

Thank you!

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How To Shorten URL Webpage Links

Dear Computer Lady,

I love reading your newsletter. It’s so full of information.

I would like to know how to shorten the URL for webpage links. I know there’s software to do this but not sure how it works and which one is the best one.

Thanks for your useful newsletter.

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Opening Image Attachments

Dear Computer Lady,

I used to have an older computer with XP. I now have a new one with Windows 8. Now when I get emails with IMGjpg if it’s a report I am unable to read it. Adobe reader says it cannot open it because it is either not a supported file type or the file has been damaged. My email is

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Windows 8 Start Menu Apps

Dear Computer Lady,

A friend is using this

Per my friend, it makes the start screen look like Windows 7. They got Windows 8 and then immediately downloaded the above. My question is since I have Windows 8.1 and have installed some programs and downloaded pictures to the computer, will this application/program make it so I have to reinstall programs, printer, scanner, and will I lose my pictures?

I previously used Windows Vista and unlike some others I liked it. I haven’t used Windows 7.

I read all your emails and am learning a lot.

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New To Computer

Dear Computer Lady,

I’m new to this computer stuff.

I would like to find out what is an icon, what is a cookie, URL, what does default mean?

How can I educate myself?

Hope u can steer me.

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