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Delete Bookmarks in Firefox

Dear Computer Lady,

In my windows 7 when I click on the bookmarks tab at the top of my page, in the drop down list, I cannot delete any bookmarks.

I use windows 7 classic shell, and Firefox. There was a time when I could right click on an un-used bookmark and then delete it, now I can’t. Nothing happens when I right click.

Is there a way to fix it? Mary Read More…

System Mechanic VS Malwarebytes

Dear Computer Lady,

I have Systems Mechanic on my computer… Do I also need Malware Bites too?

Thank you for your response.

Juliet Read More…

PDF Readers

Dear Computer Lady,

I recently downloaded Adobe PDF Reader since the Foxit Reader on my computer would not open a document such as my tax information.

Adobe did open the document but when I shut my computer off and attempted to restart it, Windows would not open. I did open it in Safe Mode and ran Scans of malware and AVG. It still would not open. Then I used system Recovery and it uninstalled Adobe Reader. My computer now works. However some documents will Not open with the Foxit Reader.

Is there another PDF reader that will open documents that Adobe alone will open?

Geneva Read More…

Upgrade XP to 7

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a dell desktop computer that has the old windows xp, so therefore I cannot get on to the internet.

If I take my computer in to install windows 7, would my computer be able to handle it, and would I lose all of my files if the repairman is able to put windows 7 into it?

Thank you for your help, Eva Read More…

Does Malwarebytes Automatically Remove Infections

Dear Computer Lady,

I downloaded Malwarebytes…ran it, but was wondering, does it automatically rid the computer of malware if it finds it is infected? My understanding is it does.

Thank you for the good article on this program and for the link.

Appreciate your newsletters! Ellen Read More…

Viewing Start-Up Items

Dear Computer Lady,

How do you find out what’s on start-up and how do you go to it?

Thanks, June Read More…

Error Fixing Programs

Dear Computer Lady,

I am skeptical of some these so-called computer error fixers. I have a program that sometimes tells me that one or more of my drivers are corrupt or outdated, but when I check them with the system they are all healthy and working just fine.

Should I get rid of the system? It does not hamper the operation of the computer in any way.

Teddy Read More…

How To Check Carbonite


I know you support Carbonite b/up and recovery SW. I have been using it with Windows 8.1.

How can I be sure it is backing up my 6,000 Plus songs in my iTunes database library, as well as approx 100 playlists?

I thank you in advance for any info.

I love your newsletter….! Arline :) Read More…

Messages From Microsoft?

Dear Computer Lady,

I get all these from so called Microsoft security says I have malware and trojans on my computer and to call an 800 number for the site manager.

Is this legitimate?

Rose Read More…

How To Organize Photos in Windows 8

Dear Computer Lady,

I have finally been able to move pictures to my photos in my documents on windows 8.1. but what I cant do is put several pictures into one folder. Like the Christmas pictures, I want them all together in the Christmas folder.

Do I have to download the ‘photos’ app to do this.?

Thanks, Sue Read More…