How To Defrag In Windows 8

Dear Computer Lady,

I am my family’s go to tech person. I have been asked how to defragment a hard drive in Windows 7 which I know how to do but also how to do it in Windows 8 and 8.1 of which I have no idea.

I know that others would benefit from defragmenting their drives too.

Thank you for your help. Have a nice day and smile!

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How To Import Favorites into Chrome

Dear Elizabeth,

I enjoy your advice and have learned several things from your columns.

I am switching from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome.

Can you tell me how to transfer my Favorites from IE to become Bookmarks in Chrome?

Thank you, Debi Read More…

How To Email a WebPage Link

Dear Computer Lady,

How do I email a webpage with gmail?

Their “send from gmail” doesn’t do anything!

Thank you, George Read More…

User Profile Failed the Login

Dear computer lady

My question is I got a message that says
(the user profile service – service failed the login.
User profile cannot be loaded.).

Does it cost much to have someone open my register and fix it?

I’m afraid I would mess it up.

Thank you for all your help, Carol Read More…

Getting My Scanner To Work in Windows 8

Dear Computer Lady,

How do I scan in a document in Windows 8? It was SO easy with XP.

Do I need some additional SW?

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How To Stop Pop Ups

Dear Computer Lady,

How do i stop pop ups?

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How To Open Outlook Express Messages

Dear Computer Lady,

When I had XP and Outlook Express I saved some of my eml files because I wanted to make sure I would keep them.

When I had to buy a new computer with Windows 7 it no longer uses Outlook Express and I have to use an online mailbox. I use gmail.

Now I have file folders of saved eml files that I cannot view. Is there any way to access the files, is there a program that will let me see them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Gigi in Ontario, Canada
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Can I Combine Facebook Accounts?

Dear Computer Lady,

I accidentally joined facebook twice using 2 different email accounts.

Is there anyway to combine them without having to refriend everyone?

Thanks, I enjoy your newsletter.
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How To Save Email Folders

Dear Computer Lady,

I love your newsletter, I have learned so much from you.

My question is, how can I save the folders in my email program. Would like to put them in an external hard drive. I have Win 7, windows mail.

Have to clean my computer to factory condition, but don’t want to lose my email folders.

Can you help? Thanks so much. Miriam
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Computer Not Staying Asleep

Dear Computer Lady

I have enjoyed your emails for years and learned a lot. Now I have a question:
My HP desktop Windows 8.1 (using Firefox) recently will not accept the ‘sleep’ order when trying to shut down. After clicking on ‘sleep’ in the shut down or power button, it will do that for half a second and then fire up again; the screen saver comes up and the computer will not go to sleep or hibernate anymore. I have set all the power option programs correctly (5 minutes) but nothing seems to work to enable the sleep feature. Any suggestions to correct this?

Thank you so much, Casper Read More…