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Menu Bar Not Working

Dear Computer lady,

Since the 36.0 upgrade to Firefox, all my drop down arrows have quit working. I mean the File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, and Help buttons are useless. Even this latest update didn’t help my problem. I click on them and nothing drops down.

I use this to copy and paste the recipes that I find that I like and now I am having to use the control c to copy. When I pasted them into my Microsoft Word 2010 for Home & Student, that too has stopped working. All the ribbons at the top do not open.

I don’t know what has happened, but I am very upset about this. I deleted Firefox and reinstalled, but that doesn’t work. Nor did the restore to a previous point. I am very upset and thought maybe you could help. I do not know how to get in touch with Mozilla about this problem. Your help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you, Donna Read More…

Problems Downloading SP1

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a problem with downloading windows 7 sp1, does any one else have this problem?

It won’t download and even techs can,t get it to download.

Please help….thanks Arlene Read More…

Home Page Hijacked by binkisland

Dear Computer Lady,

Somehow my Chrome page has been hijacked by a nasty browser called Binkisland. I cannot find a way to get rid of it other than to download more spyware such as Spyware Clear (I think that’s what it’s called). Luckily I researched that before I used it.

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much. You’ve never failed to answer my questions. Terrie Read More…

How To Delete Works Documents

Dear Computer Lady,

I have Microsoft Works Word processor . It does not give me the option to delete anything I save there.

Is there a way other than pulling down “file” or “edit” and choosing?

Thanks for your time.

May God bless your life in an awesome way today! Red Read More…

How To Establish A Default Email Program

Dear Computer Lady,

Been fan for years now and you have always come through with great solutions.

This problem should be easy for you, however it is driving me elNutzo!!!!
How do I establish a different “Default E-Mail” program?

I currently use Comcast mail, and also have a g-mail account and yahoo mail.

How do I make one of these a DEFAULT mail program that I can use from any site or program such as a photo editing program?

Thanks for all the years of help and best wishes for your continued success.

Frank Read More…

Proxy Server Connection Failed

Dear Computer Lady,

Have been receiving your information for several months and do share this with the computer club with which I am associated.

I do have an issue and could use some assistance.I keep getting message and shutting down “proxy server connection failed” and to the best of my knowledge have no relationship with a proxy server. Information I have researched indicates proxy servers are used primarily by organizations and companies.

I have an HP Pavillon using Windows Vista (no issues) accessing the Internet using Google Chrome and attempt to use Internet Explorer.

Arlys Read More…

How Do I Stop The Spam?

Dear Computer Lady,

I have an aol email address. How do I stop all the spam that I get every day? Some days I have over 500 spam. Should I change my email address our what should I do?

Thank You Irv Read More…

Tool Bar Disappeared in WordPad

Dear Computer Lady,

I was typing in Word Pad and my tool bar disappeared. Can you please tell me how to get it back?

Thank you so much, Barb Read More…

Scanner Drivers For Windows 7

Dear Computer Lacy,

I have been receiving your newsletter for a longtime now and have really enjoyed your solutions to other people’s problems. Now I have a problem of my own that I have not been able to overcome.

I have a One Touch 5600 scanner that has been a real workhorse for me. It has worked very well while I was running Windows XP. However now that I am running Windows 7 it is not recognized by this version of Windows.

I contacted the company and they said there is no driver available to Windows 7. I do not want to just throw this scanner out and go buy a new one since it does scan very well, It’s just that Windows version 7 does not recognize the driver.

Would you know of a way around this problem so I can continue to us my scanner on Windows 7? Maybe someplace to find a driver for it?

Thanks Mel Read More…

Moving From Dial-Up to Broadband

Dear Computer Lady,

I have Windows 7 Home Premium and use IE 11.

I’ve just (finally!) gone from dial-up to high-speed (cable company broadband). I’m loving it, but I’m also having to get used to new ways of doing things. And therein lie my questions:

With dial-up, I would leave my computer turned on all day; I’d start it up in the morning, shut it down at night (or if we were going out). With broadband, I know that the computer being on now means that I’m connected to the Internet all the time. Keeping in mind that I have a full, always-updated security program in place (firewall and scanning always on), can I still leave the computer on all day? Or should I shut it down whenever I’m not using it, then start it up again later?

Also, I was told (by the cable installer) that I can use the computer and be truly offline by unplugging the Ethernet wire, then plugging it back in when I want to go online. Is there any disadvantage to that?

You are truly our maven and appreciated more than you know. Thank you for all you do.

Lucille in N.J. Read More…